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Welcome to Watonga!

Watonga has a unique history, established in 1892. 

Watonga is best known for Watonga Cheese.  The Cheese Factory is not longer standing, we still celebrate the Watonga Cheese & Wine Festival the first weekend in October. 

Watonga is an entrance to the Roman Nose State Park, located seven miles North.  The Park was also named after a Warrior-Chief, Chief Henry Roman Nose. 

Watonga is the county seat of Blaine County.  The Courthouse predates statehood, constructed in 1906.  It is a beautiful building to look at.

Thompson B. Ferguson established the Watonga Republican in 1892.  T.B. Ferguson was the appointed as the sixth territorial governor of Oklahoma Territory in 1901.  The T.B. Ferguson Home is now a museum, and is available for tours.   

The Watonga Republican turned into award winning newspaper, winning the 2013 Better Newspaper Contest, presented by the Oklahoma Press Association.

Watonga is seventy miles Northwest of Oklahoma City. 

Watonga is Oklahoma's Cheese capital! Here are some fun facts:
•We have Love's first convenience store, heck we are home to the famous voice of Donald Duck. 
•Watonga is named after the Arapaho Chief,  Wa-Ah-Dan-Ga-Ah, which means Black Coyote
•Roman Nose State Park is named for the last warrior-chief of the Cheyenne Indians
•Nereby 18- acre Boecher Lake and 55-acre Lake Watonga make for great fishing, camping and recreation.
•Enjoy a casino evening at Feather Warrior Casino, just two blocks south of town.
•By the way, Watonga Cheese is available for purchase all year-around at The Plant Place, 301 West Russworm.

Our goal is to make our community a better place
to work, live and play.

     Celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of our community by participating in one of the many Chamber events.

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Upcoming Events



First Baptist Church

6 p.m.

Keynote Speaker: Senator Darcy Jech

Catering: End OMain

Entertainment: John Diamond



Roman Nose State Park

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Watonga, OK



Watonga, OK